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New Year Congratulations to the Citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia

President Raul Khadzhimba congratulated the citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia on the New Year.

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Dear compatriots!

A few minutes will pass, and together we will meet the New Year of 2016.

The past year cannot be called peaceful. It was full of important events in the life of Abkhazia and the entire world, which right now goes through deep crises and conflicts. Unfortunately, this affects our country as well.

However, in spite of all the difficulties, we were able to provide political and economic stability. For the first time in many years, the executive power worked in close cooperation with the Parliament and the civil society to implement programs of development. We have established promising ties with different regions of Russia and business representatives. This will create conditions for attracting investments to our economy.

The year of 2015 showed that Abkhazia is discovering new possibilities in the spheres of tourism and agriculture. We should take measures to ensure that this favourable situation has a positive effect on our economy.

The government of Abkhazia will give particular attention to resolving social problems, such as the increasing of pensions and salaries of civil servants, and improving the quality of healthcare and education.

In these and other questions, we can rely on the support of our strategic ally – Russia. In the coming year, we have a lot of plans to implement, all of which aim to improve the lives of our people. The foundations for this have been prepared. 

In the context of difficult processes, which take place in the world around us, we should do everything to save our state and increase its possibilities.

For this, the unity of our society is vitally important. We are all citizens of one state and we all want it to have a happy destiny.

Political and economic reforms have begun in Abkhazia. I am sure that the direction of our development is right.

I hope that the actions of the government of Abkhazia will find your support and understanding because we work for the benefit of national interests.

Only by uniting our forces, we will be able to go through this difficult historical period and build a stable and prosperous future for our state.

Together we will succeed in everything, and Abkhazia will become a prosperous state.

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate you on this holiday. May the New Year bring peace and happiness to every home and may all of your good wishes come true. May God watch over our nation and our blessed Homeland.

Happy New Year!

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