Raul Khadzhimba Congratulated the School Students of Tkuarchal on the Knowledge Day

Raul Khadzhimba visited several schools in the city of Tkuarchal and congratulated the teachers, school students and their parents on the start of a new school year. 

The Head of State was accompanied by Aida Chachkhaliya, the Head of Administration of the Tkuarchal District.

Speaking to the teachers of his home school, the Aleksey Arshba Secondary School № 5, the President said: “The work of a teacher is one of the most difficult, yet at the same time one of the most significant. You teach children not only the school program, but most importantly, you also educate them to be loving, caring, and patriotic”. “Thanks to you, they grow up to become not only good people, but also honourable sons of their country”, - he added. 

Raul Khadzhimba also took part in the celebratory assembly dedicated to the Knowledge Day in the Yuri Voronov School № 2, the Kyarshal Chachkhaliya Secondary School № 1, and the Bagrat Shinkuba Secondary School № 4.

The President talked with the school teachers and remarked that the teaching staff is becoming younger. “Young professionals should return to their home towns, and the state will do everything possible to support them”, - assured the President. 

He remarked that the hard work of a teacher should be appreciated. “In the present time, the economic situation in this country is quite difficult, and we are learning to live on our own means. We are working to change the look not only of our schools, but also of the entire country”, - said Raul Khadzhimba. 

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