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Congratulations on the Jubilee of Aleko Gvaramia, Chancellor of the Abkhazian State University (ASU)

Raul Khadzhimba congratulated Aleko Gvaramia, Chancellor of the Abkhazian State University (ASU), on his jubilee.

The congratulatory telegram, in particular, states:

“A respectable leader and an outstanding mathematician, for many years you have been at the head of the Abkhazian State University (ASU) as a flag officer of the higher education in our country and our national treasure.

It is impossible to overestimate your role in the fact that the University not only survived the Patriotic War of 1992-1993 and the difficult post-war years, but has also been progressively developing since. You have done so much to expand the international ties of the ASU, to bring closer the educational spheres of Abkhazia and Russia, to increase the level of qualification of the academic staff and the quality of professional education in this country.

You harmoniously combine the organisational, scientific, pedagogic and social activity. By being a full member of the Abkhazian and Russian Academies of Sciences, an honorary Professor of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), a member of the Oxford Academic Union and other organisations; by being regularly published in authoritative journals, writing scientific monographs and giving speeches in the international forums, you make a unique contribution to the development  of the science of algebra and to the education in this country, as well as doing a lot for the creation of a positive image of Abkhazia in the world.

Your groundbreaking works in the science of contemporary algebra enjoy international recognition, and your name is widely known and respected in Abkhazia and abroad. Colleagues, friends and students value not only your expertise and a rich life experience, but also your personal qualities and your considerate attention to people”.

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