Congratulations to School Graduates

In the R. Gumba Abkhazian State Concert Hall, a celebration in honour of the best school graduates of Abkhazia took place.

The celebratory event was attended by President Raul Khadzhimba.

The Head of State congratulated the graduates on their school graduation.

* * *

Dear friends!

Today I am addressing you on this very important, solemn and possibly slightly sad day: you have graduated from school and now you enter the adult period of your lives.

The doors to the future are open before you. In many ways, it depends on you what kind of future it will be.

Schools years are one of the best periods in the life of every person. You will always remember your teachers with warm feelings. Your teachers were always by your side, they were happy to see your successes. They taught you not only their subjects but also important human principles, such as kindness and honesty. In school, you have found true friends, who should be cherished.

In the future, you will have to make many difficult and responsible decisions. Yet, no matter how your lives will turn out to be, I am sure that our main values, the foundations of Abkhazian identity, which you learned from your parents and teachers, will play a decisive role in your thoughts and deeds.

One of such important values is love of the Homeland – Apsny, for which thousands of our best citizens gave their lives. You should carry with honour the glorious name of the citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia.

After studying in the best universities of Abkhazia, Russia and other countries and receiving a good education, together you will be building a new, prosperous, strong and happy Apsny. We count on you.

I sincerely wish you happiness and good luck!

Good luck, dear graduates!

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