Vladimir Putin Congratulated the President and the People of Abkhazia on the 71st Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated the President and the people of Abkhazia on the 71st anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Below is the full text of the congratulatory telegram.

* * *

Dear Raul Djumkovich,

I heartily congratulate you and the entire Abkhazian nation on the 71st anniversary of Great Victory.

This holiday is a symbol of unparalleled courage, patriotism and self-sacrifice of our nations, which fought side by side on the frontlines and selflessly worked on the home front for the salvation of the Homeland and all mankind from Nazism.

I am certain that the tradition of brotherly friendship and mutual help, which was established in the years of severe trials, will continue to be the firm foundation of alliance and strategic partnership between Russia and Abkhazia.

I am asking to send sincere congratulations to Abkhazian veterans and to wish them health, long life, happiness and prosperity.

Vladimir Putin

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