Condolences on the Death of the People’s Artist of Abkhazia Kandid Tarba

President Raul Khadzhimba expressed condolences on the death of an outstanding performer and choreographer, founder and artistic director of the ensemble “Kavkaz”, people’s artist of the Republic of Abkhazia Kandid Tarba.

The telegram of condolences, sent to the friends and relatives of Kandid Tarba, states, in particular:

“Kandid Tarba’s departure is an irreparable loss to Abkhazian culture. He was a person of great talent and creative energy, teacher and organiser, and the founder of a brilliant creative school for young and talented performers.

Kandid Tarba’s ensemble “Kavkaz” glorifies Abkhazian national art far beyond the borders of our state. I am certain that this ensemble, which Kandid Tarba used to call “my whole life’s work”, will continue to live and develop, immortalising the name of its creator.

A bright memory of Kandid Tarba will forever remain in our hearts”.

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