Congratulations on the Birthday of Ruslan Kapba

President Raul Khadzhimba congratulated Ruslan Kapba, an outstanding Abkhazian literary critic, on his birthday.

The congratulation states, in particular:

“You are the author of a large number of critical and bibliographical books, which discuss the problems of development of Abkhazian literature, and studies on the life and art of the classics of Abkhazian literature – K. Agumaa, M. Lakerbai, I. Papaskir, V. Ankvab, B. Gurgulia, Kh. Bgazhba, A. Vozba and many other writers and academics.

You have made a big contribution to the development of newspaper and magazine publishing, in particular, the newspapers “Apsny kapsh” and “Ashkoli apstazaarei”. You conduct research and teaching work in the Abkhazian State University and in the D. I. Gulia Abkhazian Institute of Humanitarian Studies. You are also a member of the Union of Writers of Abkhazia and Russia. You have been awarded the D.I. Gulia state award.

I am certain that in the future, you will have the necessary strength to complete all of your undertakings”.

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