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Congratulations to Valeriy Kvarchia on His Birthday

On February 10, Acting President of the Republic of Abkhazia Valeriy Bganga congratulated Speaker of the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia Valeriy Kvarchia on his birthday.

The congratulation states, in particular:

“Dear Valeriy Ermeyovich!

Please accept my cordial and sincere congratulations on your birthday.

While possessing great professional and individual experience, the wisdom of a politician and a statesman, a principled civic stance, you solve the tasks facing you with success, staying loyal to your moral principles. In your role as an outstanding statesman, your contribution to the establishment and development of our republic cannot be overestimated.

On this festive day, I wish you strong health, endless energy, cheerful mood, happiness and prosperity to you and your relatives!”.








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