On 24th of November in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation Bocharov Ruchey in Sochi the ceremony of signing the Agreement between the Republic of Abkhazia and Russian Federation on “Alliance and strategic partnership” was conducted.

Prior to signing the Agreement the negotiations between the heads of two states were conducted. The Presidents discussed the issues of cooperation in the spheres of economy, regional security and other aspects of Abkhaz-Russian relations.

Later the negotiations with the participation of official delegations of the sides were conducted, after which the ceremony of signing the Agreement took place.

“The signing of the Agreement between the Republic of Abkhazia and Russian Federation “on alliance and strategic partnership” is an important historical event in relations between our states and nations. Our relations are raising to a new, qualitative level contemplating intense cooperation of the sides in guaranteeing security and stability”, added Raul Khadzhimba.

The head of state underlined that “Russia demonstrates its commitment to equal cooperation with Abkhazia, which is an example of the international law and dedication to prior commitments. Allied relations with Russia provide the guarantees of security and wide opportunities for socioeconomic development of our country”.

Raul Khadzhimba specifically highlighted that the people of Abkhazia made their historic choice to strengthen equal cooperation and alliance with Russia, because it corresponds to our long-term strategic relations and lays the foundation for further strengthening of sovereignty and security of our state. “We are interested in activation and expansion of international recognition of our country and its participation in integration processes in post-soviet space, which are initiated by Russia”, underlined the President.

From his side Vladimir Putin noted that the signed Agreement reflects the attained level of intergovernmental relations and is a new step in the direction of realization of prior arrangements on improvement and strengthening the treaty legal base formed in previous years.

“New challenges and long-term guiding lines are issues, which are fortified by serious funding: in 2015 for the aims of realization of the Agreement 5 billion rubles will be given to Abkhazia”, said the President of Russia.

The Agreement aims at strengthening the treat and legal base and at creation of conditions for further development of trade and economic relations between our states. “In the end all of these is done in order to improve people’s lives”, added Vladimir Putin.

The heads of Abkhazia and Russia expressed their confidence that the signed Agreement “on alliance and strategic partnership” will give a new impetus to further strengthening of equal, mutually beneficial relations between the Republic of Abkhazia and Russian Federation. 

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