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Today, President Aslan Bzhaniya visited the Republican Unitary Enterprise (RUE) “Abkhazmyod” (“Abkhazian honey”) of the Ministry of Agriculture in Kyndyg, Ochamchira District. The Head of State was accompanied by First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture Beslan Dzhopua, and Head of the Ochamchira District Administration Stanislav Amichba. The President got acquainted with the technical condition of the enterprise, storage conditions for raw materials, and finished products.

Director of the RUE “Abkhazmyod” Daur Tugush spoke about the problem with the sale of honey products. Several tons of raw materials are unused at the honey packing plant, some of which have already deteriorated. Currently, the enterprise is not functioning due to problems with implementation, and, most importantly, due to a lack of understanding between the enterprise and the honey suppliers: beekeepers are not satisfied with the price at which the plant is ready to accept their products.

Aslan Bzhaniya drew attention to the fact that Abkhazian honey has all the prerequisites to be competitive at the international market.

The President suggested that the plant’s management find a solution that would ensure the profitability of the enterprise, on the creation of which a lot of money was spent. Also today the Head of State held a meeting with representatives of the Abkhazian beekeepers’ community, where they discussed the problems of the industry. The meeting was held in compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological safety standards.



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