President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya congratulated President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Hafez al-Assad on his birthday. The congratulatory telegram states:

Dear Mr. President!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on your 55th birthday! You are an example of true patriotism, selfless service to the interests of your people and the state. The last few years’ events in your state are a confirmation of this. Despite huge pressure from the outside, under your leadership, the people of Syria saved their Homeland from enemies and international terrorism, protected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their state.

The people of Abkhazia are grateful to you for your courageous decision to establish diplomatic relations between our states that you have reached despite international pressure. For us, the strengthening of friendly ties with Syria, a state with a rich history and culture, is of great significance.

Dear Mr. President, on behalf of the people of the Republic of Abkhazia and myself, I wish you on your birthday strong health and future success in your responsible work for the state!



Aslan Bzhaniya

President of the Republic of Abkhazia



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