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President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya had a meeting with First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Mikhail Babich.

Questions of Abkhazian-Russian cooperation and the implementation of current and planned projects as part of the Investment Program of Assistance to the Socio-Economic Development of Abkhazia were discussed at the meeting.

While greeting the guests, the Head of State expressed the readiness of the Abkhazian side to actively develop cooperation in all economic issues.

“We hope that your visit will promote the solution to those issues that we have discussed many times. We are ready for an open dialogue. Our position will be reasoned well”, - said Aslan Bzhaniya.

The President expressed confidence that both the goal that was set and the results expected by the Abkhazian and Russian sides will be achieved.

“Even if this would require several meetings and negotiations, we will come to a solution step by step”, - said the President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya.

Mikhail Babich thanked the President of Abkhazia for an opportunity to meet and discuss important questions and issues. “We have met in Moscow recently. We are in close regular communication with our colleagues. All questions that we discussed in Moscow with Dmitry Nikolayevich Kozak are at the stage of completion, just as the investment program and accordingly, the financing of the design and estimate documentation”, - said the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Babich expressed satisfaction with the quality of the works that were carried out. “Today, we have examined a number of projects that are part of the Investment Program. The impression is good. We have also discussed issues of the energy supply of the Republic, treasury budget execution, the revenue of that estimated deficit which is expected by the end of the year. These are the questions that we care about. They are under close attention”, - assured Mikhail Babich.

The representative of the government of the Russian Federation called the development of tourism a socially promising program. “We need harmonization of legislation in this field”, - he said.

First Deputy Minister of the Economy remarked that the leadership of Russia attaches great importance to the cooperation with Abkhazia as part of the Investment Program.

President Aslan Bzhaniya said that on the day before, he held a meeting during which the Investment Program implementation plan was discussed in detail. “The information that was received at the meeting from Vice Premier, Minister of Economy Kristina Ozgan gives confidence that we will have good results”, - said the President of Abkhazia. The Head of State stressed that in the future, special attention will be given to the quality and timely implementation of projects as part of the Investment Program.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia Aleksandr Ankvab, Head of the Administration of the President Alkhas Kvitsiniya, Vice Premier, Minister of Economy Kristina Ozgan, Vice Premier, Minister of Finance Vladimir Delba, and Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Abkhazia Aleksey Dvinyanin also participated in the meeting.







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