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President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya addressed the people of Abkhazia in connection with the existing epidemiological situation in the republic.


Dear compatriots!

I address you in connection with the worsening of the epidemiological situation.

The leadership of the state is aware of the difficulty of this situation. We understand the situation that our citizens are in because of the closed state border. However, we believe that the state has no greater values than the life and health of the citizens.

It is impossible to unilaterally open the state border with the Russian Federation. The leadership of Abkhazia is in constant communication with the Russian side to come to a decision that would be most safe for the life and health of the citizens. In the near future, this solution will be found. The leadership of Abkhazia undertakes measures to minimize the consequences of the pandemic for the citizens. I personally control all issues related to the protection of the population from coronavirus. Salaries and pensions are being paid, even though with a delay.

Friends! We have experienced more difficult times in our history. Yet, the people of Abkhazia showed wisdom, endurance, and got out of difficult situations with dignity. I am certain that this will be the case this time as well. I am asking you, dear compatriots, to be patient. Let us think about the health of elder people who are most vulnerable in conditions of the pandemic and let us support our doctors who are at the frontline of fighting with this dangerous illness.

Dear friends! I am asking you to be patient! The most important thing is to preserve the life and health of the citizens! This is of the utmost importance! We will definitely solve economic issues if we join our efforts!

Thank you for your understanding!


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