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President Aslan Bzhaniya presented to the staff of the Administration of Sukhum District the new Acting Head Alkhas Chitanava. Alkhas Chitanava was appointed to this post by Presidential Decree from July 21, 2020.

Deputy Head of the Administration of the President Zurab Kadzhaya read out the Decree of the Head of State.

The President described the new Head as an honest man and a professional. “I present to you the man many of you already know, a true professional – Alkhas Chitanava. I considered his appointment for several months. I have reliable information about his professionalism. He is an honest and just person. These are very important qualities in our present conditions. You can count on my support in all your good deeds”, - said the President addressing the new Head of Sukhum District.

Aslan Bzhaniya instructed Alkhas Chitanava to cooperate productively with the executive authorities and the district assembly. “Of course, there will always be problems. Your work should be properly analyzed and assessed. There are many problems in this District. You know about them. We hope that you will largely succeed in solving them. This District is multinational”, - said the Head of State stressing the necessity of respecting national representation.

“Task number one is to ensure law and order”, - said the President and promised to give support to the law enforcement bodies.

Alkhas Chitanava expressed gratitude to the Head of State for the trust and promised to do everything in his power to respect the rights and freedoms of the citizens. “I count on the support of the staff. The situation in the District is difficult. It is aggravated by the problems everyone knows well. I count on your support”, - said Alkhas Chitanava.




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