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“I am happy to see you. We have heard about what you had to go through and we worried about you. It is good that everything is behind now. I think that this can become a lesson for us, as many think that there is no problem since this calamity did not touch us. Unfortunately, the problem still exists and it can affect anybody. We are happy that you exist”, - said Aslan Bzhaniya.

Hibla Gerzmava congratulated Aslan Bzhaniya on his election as President of the Republic of Abkhazia and wished him the implementation of all plans for the benefit of the state.

H. Gerzmava: I am happy to greet you. I wish you strong health, patience, and strength. I hope that our Abkhazia will prosper and that you will succeed in everything. May God help you to have a team that would fill you with energy, support you and stand by your side. I came to Abkhazia with joy. Needless to say, I come to Moscow and Abkhazia every year. It is well-understood that our festival was born and lives in Abkhazia. Unfortunately, this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic I have decided not to hold the festival, as many festivals have been canceled these days. It is a very difficult time, as everything is on lockdown, but I hope that soon, art and music will start making the world more beautiful once again. I hope that as part of the festival, there will be a concert in the Great Hall of the Conservatory in Moscow, as is tradition, and I hope that next year, we will come here again with my friends to continue the festival that we have been holding for many years. I hope that we will always have your support just as we had support in every “Hibla Gerzmava” festival.

A. Bzhaniya: Thank you for reacting so wisely to the problem that touched all of us. We plan to live a long and happy life. It is well-understood that such festivals will be taking place in Abkhazia. For now, it would be right to reschedule them, as you said, taking the pandemic into account. You can count on my full support in everything else. I think that it is important for such events to be held. Moreover, we will try to organize more of them. You understand that all this is directly connected with the capabilities of our state. We have certain problems that restrict us. I hope that with time, everything will be significantly better than now.

H. Gerzmava: I love my people very much, which is why it is important to me that many people attend my festivals and concerts. Wonderful people always come to my concerts. There is an audience that waits for this festival every year. I was worried that someone might become ill. May God make sure that this virus does not come to Abkhazia. I wish health to all our people. This is the most important thing. This festival lives with the support of the patrons. Supporting art is a great deed. We count on our patrons very much, especially on my leading patron Nikolai Achba who always supports me. May God grant everyone health.

Minister of Culture Gudisa Agrba thanked the President for supporting cultural projects.

G. Agrba: The International Music Festival “Hibla Gerzmava invites…”, during the years it was held in Abkhazia, became very popular. More and more people dream of attending the concert and becoming a participant in a great celebration of art, music, and soul. Aslan Georgiyevich, during Hibla Levarsovna’s visits, we will work on developing the format and conceptual background of future festivals. As part of this work, we will discuss the subject of the XX anniversary festival which is to take place in 2022. I would also like to add that the project of the “Hibla Gerzmava invites…” festival is one of the most significant events of the Ministry of Culture. It became one of the most popular events in the cultural life of the state long ago. We will try to strengthen and build on these key indicators.






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