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Dear graduates!

Today is a significant day for all of us, as an important stage has ended in your school lives. In accordance with a good tradition, we honor the best school students of the Republic of Abkhazia. Since olden times, the best school students in the state were distinguished by golden and silver medals. Out of more than 1700 graduates, 11 have received the distinction medals.

Dear graduates! Today you have received medals for your hard work, patience, and knowledge. We are proud of each one of you!

You have come a long way from the first school bell to the matriculation certificate, from a child’s worldview to the first step into a big and independent life.

From this day onwards, you will have to start a new life full of unknown things and interesting prospects. Many of you will be proudly studying as students and will experience many wonderful moments, yet the memory of school will always stay with you. It is in school that you have experienced your first success and have learned how to defend your opinions and views, have developed your creative abilities. On this path, your wise teachers who dedicated themselves to the noble task of educating and upbringing the young generation have supported you.

I would like to sincerely wish you not to stop with this victory, not to stop believing in yourself and with every new day, to move a step or even a few steps closer to your biggest dream.

I wish you success and true happiness in your adult lives!







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