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President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya held the first press conference as Head of State for the Abkhazian mass media.

During two hours, the President has answered 31 questions from local journalists.

Mass media representatives were interested to know the results of the visit to Moscow, the possibility of removing restrictions at the state border, the epidemiological situation, questions of interaction between different branches of power, the socio-economic and crime situation in the state, the process of establishing the composition of the government and many other issues.

The Head of State focused his attention on the work of the law enforcement agencies and stressed the primary importance of law in building a state based on justice and integrity.

Speaking about the possibility of opening the Russian-Abkhazian state border, the President said that it will depend on the epidemiological situation which will be unfolding in Abkhazia and the neighboring federal subjects of Russia in the near future. He especially stressed that the life and health of the citizens of Abkhazia is a priority for the state. Aslan Bzhaniya remarked that the Abkhazian and Russian sides should act synchronously in this issue.





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