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Today, under the instruction of President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya, a wreath was brought to the grave of a famous Russian director, actor, screenwriter, socio-political activist Stanislav Govorukhin on the anniversary of his death.

President Aslan Bzhaniya supported the idea of holding the film festival “Govorukhin’s film week” in Abkhazia in 2022. It will be time to the 50th anniversary of his film “Robinson Crusoe” (1973; “Zhizn i udivitelnye priklyucheniya Robinzona Kruzo”), which was filmed in Abkhazia.

During one of his visits to Moscow, Aslan Bzhaniya plans to meet with Stanislav Govorukhin’s widow Galina Borisovna and to invite her to Abkhazia to participate in the festival and discuss the possibility of holding Stanislav Govorukhin’s exhibition, which will be timed to the festival. Aslan Bzhaniya and Stanislav Govorukhin were personally acquainted and maintained a good relationship.



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