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President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya had a meeting with the representatives of the business community and with current and former heads of law enforcement bodies.

At the start of the meeting, the Head of State thanked the businesspersons for the support they have provided to the people during the pandemic. “All of us, myself, in particular, were inspired by the unity with which you have responded to our common misfortune. The problem with coronavirus is difficult. Without a doubt, it will have big negative consequences. With God’s help, we will manage”, - expressed hope the Head of State. The President also remarked that there are also other problems that have been causing worry for a long time. They include the high level of crime and corruption.

The Head of State expressed a number of ideas and proposed to the business community to participate in their implementation.

Aslan Bzhaniya shared the general statistics on abductions. Thus, in particular, according to the information presented by the law enforcement bodies, the total sum of the ransom which the criminals demanded after abducting 53 citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia comes to more than a billion rubles, out of which 200 million rubles were paid to the criminals.

The Head of State considers it a necessity to undertake extreme measures to protect society and the state from the crimes. “They have become rampant. To solve this problem, it is necessary to unite our efforts. We count on you in this”, - said the Head of State addressing the businesspersons.

The President also remarked that the leadership of the state is aware that it is impossible to solve all issues at the expense of the business community.

The Head of State considers it the first and foremost task to ensure compliance with the laws and the security of the population. “Any state, first of all, should be founded on law”, - said President Aslan Bzhaniya.

During the meeting, an exchange of opinions on a wide range of questions took place.








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