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President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya held a working meeting on the questions of completing the activities of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development of Abkhazia for 2017-2019, including the incomplete and transitional projects, and also on the preparation to the activities for 2020-2022.

Deputy Head of the Administration of the President Dzhansukh Nanba, Vice Premier, Minister of Economy Kristina Ozgan, Vice Premier Minister of Finance Vladimir Delba, Chairman of the Control Chamber Robert Arshba, Acting Chairman of the State Security Service Robert Kiut, First Deputy Chairman of the State Security Service Timur Akhiba, and First Deputy General Prosecutor Damir Kvitsiniya also participated in the meeting.

After greeting the participants of the meeting, the Head of State commented on the importance of effective and productive implementation of the Investment program.

“Our citizens know that for many years, the Russian Federation provided financial help to our republic. It is important for this help to reach those that it is intended for in the right manner”, - said Aslan Bzhaniya.

The Head of State was also informed on the progress of the Investment program’s implementation. Aslan Bzhaniya focused the attention of the meetings’ participants on the importance of close cooperation of competent agencies and the necessity of targeted use of the funds of the Investment program.

The President instructed the participants of the working meeting to pay close attention to ensure that the projects in construction are commissioned on time and the quality of the work is high.





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